Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little rant on a slow Thursday

Just a short post in honour of the big news: New Orleans is going to host the 2013 Superbowl! I actually can't stand football in any shape or form but anything to get people visiting the city while it rebuilds.

RJ, while a football fan generally, is upset that it stole the cover on the newspaper from the discovery of the missing link fossil-- personally I think he's too hard on the on our only major paper, the Times-Picayune. What is a 'picayune' you ask? I have no idea and no one will tell me. When I first moved down here I kind of freaked out whenever I read the paper because it was so damn CONSERVATIVE, but a year or so later and it's begun to grow on me. Granted, there was a bit of a left-ward adjustment to the content and tone of the paper once it became obvious who would be elected president, but so many of the letters-to-the-editor and editorial still get me riled up... and I think I kind of like it. I've never been driven to write so many letters to a newspaper as I have to the Times-Picayune; there is nothing like pure, unadulterated outrage for getting the creative juices flowing. My favourite items of note this month: (1) Big debate about whether the law should be changed to allow students to carry concealed weapons on school campuses for their protection against other students possibly carrying concealed weapons on campuses, and (2) whether the French Quarter will continue to have it's trash collected three times a day with nary a city recycling program in sight...


So obviously this blog will be a fine balance between selling the city as a travel destination and banging my head against a wall in my attempt to figure out how to live here.

Stick with me!


  1. Have a look here:
    Number 3 is the answer - 1/2 a Spanish Real in LA

  2. "grow on you"?! Uh oh, we're losing you. ;)

  3. I'd like to second RJ's outrage: How can "Ida" be upstaged by the Superbowl? Insanity.