Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can you ever have too many friends?

I made a great new friend today, a Parisian who has a house in Louisiana and shops at my store (I work in the French Quarter on Sundays). When I told him I was taking a trip to France in ten days he immediately offered to make me a list of places I absolutely MUST visit while I'm in Paris. He even gave me the name of a restaurant run by a friend and gave me a little note to give him instructing him to "take care of his friends from New Orleans". I love the people I meet at this job. I've never worked in a store in such a prime spot, we get people from EVERYWHERE! It's so much fun to hear their stories and find out how they like the city.

So we are getting ready for our upcoming trip, trying to decide how much we need to cram into the carry on in case of lost luggage (we have two separate connections, I worry!). I'm hoping to photo document the whole trip and post it here along with any fun stories we have by that point but who knows if I'll actually manage it. Sometimes I get so excited about seeing something that the thought of whipping out my camera and snapping a photo is light years from my mind. Still, I'll do my best.

A couple New Orleans blogs I've discovered that are worth checking out:

New Orleans Murder Blog - this is a just a straightforward case by case account of incidents of violence in New Orleans each day. It's pretty shocking when you see it laid out like that.

Overheard in New Orleans
- Hi-LAR-ious. The tag line of this blog is "The beauty, humor and stupidity that are classically New Orleans, posted for everyone to see". They let anyone post to the blog with overheard snippets of strange and humorous conversations. A lot of redneck humour for those of you who enjoy a little of that :)

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