Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our humble abode

This blog is something that only occurred to me after we moved to the new house in the new neighbourhood and I suddenly felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Something about the old place, could be the frequent gunshots, the bars on every window or the unbelievably hearty cockroaches, but something about the old place just didn't vibe with me.

The new place is too nice for us. There, I said it.

RJ and I are definitely hibernators of the first degree. We don't live in a house, we burrow in it with our belongings in piles all around us. No one from the outside will ever see inside our house which is a shame because this is the first time in my adult life I'm living in a place that I could actually host a dinner at, or a cocktail party or something. Oh well, I suppose such domestic glories are destined not to take place until my mid-30s.

The new house has never been lived in before - the holy grail of the rental market. Well, it was lived in once upon a time, then a hurricane I need not name turned it to rubble and it stayed that way until the Road Home program started working on the Mid-City nieghbourhood.

When we lived in Uptown it was harder to feel the impact of Katrina because it was the one part of the city that barely flooded - but now in Mid-City the rebuilding is obvious everywhere. Most of our immediate block has been rebuilt within the last six months and looks totally different. Apparently New Orleans has had an ironic sort of luck over other major cities in that there are more jobs here than ever with more and more businesses opening up as the city (oh so slowly) recovers.

I'm gonna cut this post off here and go water my plants (la la).